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Travel with Bike!

Sketching And Drawing

Cinema and Music

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Bike Travelling

My favorite activity! Usually I prefer travelling around Greek Islands with Manaraki(!) and ofcourse my bike an XTZ 750. I also like big european roads but ok let's admit it there is no place Greece right ?


Skecthing and Drawing

This is a gift I had from small kid.I love sctheching with Pen. It releashes my mind and helps me find my innerbalance.When I find the opportunity I grab the pencil! You guessed correctly this is the Terminator sketch!

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Cinema and Movies

Movies like "Matrix","American History-X" and "V for Vendetta" reflect my character! I am a huge film collector. When I have spare time I write reviews about Fan Films in my other blog. TheFanFilms My collection of downloaded movies from Torrents is getting bigger and better every year.Peer to peer rocks!!!


Ideas are easy...Implementation is hard