About me...

Travel with Bike!

Sketching And Drawing

Cinema and Music

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Bike Travelling

My favorite activity! Usually I prefer travelling around Greece with Manaraki(!) and ofcourse my bike a Tenere750. I also like big european roads but ok let's admit it there is no place Greece...Am I right ?


Skecthing and Drawing

This is a gift I had from small kid..I love sctheching with Pencil. It releashes my mind and helps me find my innerbalance. When I find the opportunity I grab the pencil! You guessed correctly this is the Terminator sketch!

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Cinema and Movies

Movies like "Back to the Future", "Matrix", "American History-X" and "V for Vendetta" reflect my character! I am a huge film collector. I prefer physical collection of dvd's as I consider myself an analogue guy. My collection of downloaded movies from Torrents is getting bigger every year.P2P rocks!!!


Ideas are easy...Implementation is hard