PHP Object oriented programming with classes and functions.

Author:Kostas Sp Published On:September 19, 2014 Under:Php


In this post we will try to found out how we can organize our code in php in objects
and understand the fundamentals of object oriented programming.Are you ready?


class Example { 
  // scope: where you can access the variable outside of the class    
  // php4: var
  // php5: private,public or protected    
  // php6: var interchangable with public    
  var $item ='item_name_1';
  public $name;
  function Sample() {  
    $this ->Test();
  function Test() {
   echo $this->item; // print variables
  echo $regular;
// instanciate the object here
 $example =  new Example();

$this applies to the all items in class Example
and means:Inside of Example class call the the Test function
The comments inside the class explain certain things but generally the idea is that
the class example contains 2 functions Sample and Test.
The function Sample calls the function Test so the output comes from the function Test.


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