The Skills I Offer

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Web Design

I design user interfaces for the web and mobile apps.
I want to help my clients to achieve their goals with simplicity and usability.A beutiful design will make your experience better


Responsive UI

A responsive website will adapt its content to the size of the screen. The result is it performs and looks great on all modern devices.I love helping my clients going “Mobile First” !

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Backend development Buildyoursite

Backend development

Back-end development is always needed in my job.Therefore I use PHP in order to deliver my solutions. API’s integration of an app with the data of an existing website in no longer a future need.So I work close with my clients in order to determine what sort of information they need to see. After all we are all “Data” nerds!


CMS and E-Shop Intergration

With “CMS Intergration” I provide my clients with a CMS that gives them full control to manage and publish content behond the sites launch. I work with WordPress to achieve this.In case of an eshop Magento and NopCommerce are ideal options.

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