What the companies do not tell you about SEO.

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Everybody is talking about how to get his site in the first ranks of Search Engines.

Companies usually takes advantage of it and they tell some…lies. Let’s see what they hide you :)

What companies don't tell you about SEO.


1. “The more backlinks and social references you have the better”.

This was a few years ago, but now the search engine has changed the criteria and has added to the algorithm permanent filters which automatically determine which site  deserves to appear on the first page. That means Anyone who invested in quality never lost.

Google seems to invest in quality rather than quantity, although there are always exceptions.

Offsite Link Building

2. “The most crucial SEO is the off page SEO”.

This is a usual lie.In order that your site ranks well the owner must take care both

onsite and offsite parameters.For example a site that updates its content , is reliable  fast and  responsive usually attracts the attention of the visitor which is the goal.So google will value this site and it will be shown higher than others.The Off page seo cannot work without all the above.


Negative SEO

3. You site has been hitted by competitors and lost its RANK.

This is truly rare case if your are doing all the above correctly.If you use Google best practises for SEO it is difficult for your site to be affected by negative SEO from your competitors. Recently there are a lot internet marketing companies who offer solutions about negative SEO. They don’t tell you directly that you didn’t follow initially good SEO practices. So they keep you blind and usually you have no results.


Quick Results

3. “We can have quick results with your site”.

This is my favorite lie. When you hear this phrase while your are negotiating with the company or the SEO freelancer there is only one thing that will come quick. The penalties! You can have quick results only in you use Black Hat SEO and the results are quicly very negative about the your site.( de-indexing , termnations of add-sense accounts etc etc). Do you still want quick results@f0 I guess no!



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  1. Tommy says:

    It is totally true! Only few professionals share the truth with their clients.

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